Frills and buttons

It’s pretty hard to choose clothes while you’re traveling because, well, you don’t have any clothes. Especially if you’re traveling for 3 months with minimal money and minimal time to devote to clothing. Yeah, sometimes you need to wear the sweatpants and sneakers combo because you forgot to do your laundry, but I try to avoid that.

I just love love love the way the colors of the wallet put a little “oomph” into the entire outfit,. Also, the frills are just so adorable!! Big plus, the shirt’s silk, so it’s super, super comfortable.  ❤

The colorful wallet effect can be done with tie-dying.

Don’t know how?

Well, tie-dying can be used for any kind of clothing.


Things you need:

-Soda Ash


-Color dye


1. Wash and dry the cloth.

2. Tie the cloth! You can try tying it into a spiral, but experiment! Different kinds of tying will result in different kinds of designs! (Tip: Try it in small rags first)

3. Soak it in soda ash (1 cup of soda ash per 1 bucket of water)

4. Squirt some dye in there!!

5. Wait for the colors to settle.

6. Rinse.



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