Frustrated Flower



Why are you so pretty flower! People are dying out there!! There is famine everywhere!! Why?!!!



…I’m sorry flower….

Hello everyone 🙂

News update. We (TGS) students went to the Wannsee house, where the “Final Solution” was made. During the Nazi regime, more than six million people were killed. This conference, the “Wannsee Conference” was what made all the killing, from the concentration camps to the mass shootings, possible. In just two hours, humanity was allowed to become inhumane. Bureaucracy was made of murder. Order came out of chaos.


Everything became systemic from then on. How can someone just go to work, type out the names of victims of the Holocaust, and leave without feeling a thing?


How can someone just look on at all the Jews dying and not even cringe or question the truth?

In what kind of world is animosity humane?




Sorry, just needed to vent my deep frustration out 😛


But anyhoo, in a lighter note, you might be wondering who these (TGS) students are. TGS stands for Think Global School, the first traveling high school. Sounds weird right?


Well, it’s just as it sounds.


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