“What the frog?”

As always, I thump my head on the bedside drawer. It’s seriously in the stupidest position ever! It’s not so close as to reach out and grab the alarm, but near enough that you can still ram your head into it. Seriously, it’s not good for my brain cells, and I need all my braincells for the IB.

So much insomnia, homework, stress…Just today, I found time to go to the gym. I really have to start working out. I can hardly run back without panting my head off!

Okay Yada, stay positive, stay positive. Tomorrow’s a Friday, and there’s going to be a cultural talk.

I really, really need motivation in life. Motivation to help get me on my feet in the morning, to keep me going. There’s a point that everyone reaches when everything becomes routine. Everything is numb. When you smile, there”s little happiness. When you fail a test, your heart keeps beating. You stand on the border, trying to find where the lines blur and turn to dust.

So anyways, in the spirit of nerdiness and organization, I made a little goal chart for myself.

Will post new photos from Berlin later on. So pumped for the weekends!

By the way, I forgot one thing. I’m running for student government right now, and I’m really excited. Made so many posters and everything. Seriously.

(Muchas Gracias to the amazing Alice for making this)

Vote Yada!

The goal diagram is actually really effective for trying to figure out your life and your schedule. What are your goals and dreams?

Love ya



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