Dream wardrobe!


Very cheap. Very stylish. Some very great finds. It’s a very hit-and-miss kind of stores. Some of the things are very…eh, or very pricey, but some things, such as jewerely pieces, are totally worth it. It’s kind of like shopping in a market. You gotta find those gems out fast before they’re gone.


Mango is my safe shop. You can never go wrong. It’s high end tailoring, design, and cloth, but it’s very, very affordable! Everything about it screams “adorable!” It’s definitely my soul mate when it comes to style, with pastels, girly pink dresses as well as daring bright red pants.


They have these handy “Deal of the Day” deals, which are extremely cheap for fashionable items! The things there are quite pricey, but they are worth it. They have everything from animal prints to sheer tops.


Maybe some of the outfits are a bit too formfitting and short for my taste, but some of them are just very fun and flirty! These two outfits that I chose were ones that I could actually see myself wearing everyday. The pink shorts are great for color blocking 🙂



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