For those chillin’ out days


A couple who are out to get each other, taping their pranks for the world to see. Pretty epic eh? Their pranks are very good starting points, from pranking during playoffs to public embarrassments. Every video gives me hope for the goodness of life 🙂

Jenna Marbles

If you’re conservative, don’t click the link. She has a really, really bubbly personality. It’s hard to stop watching her after just one video! She does a lot of impersonations of boys, and makeup tutorials. She’s the crazier side of youtube, putting on makeup when she’s drunk and a lot more!

Bromace-Word of the day

Nigahiga is so hilarious. He does videos from all types of the spectrum-funny, deep, very serious. He covers things from judgements to covering movies like Twilight and the Avengers. Definietly my go to for a stress free evening.

Nylah Cat

This is the cat of the prankvsprank couple. Very cute. Very, very, very, very cute!

Happy Tuesday guys!

Don’t get too stressed, cuz sometimes, you just gotta stop typing away at your homework and just relax.

Love ya,



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