To be continued….

Hey guys!!

Even though time is running short (only 3 weeks of school till’ the holidays!), and I’m probably going to just stop writing altogether for finals week,  inspiration have recently struck me.

Here’s the deal: For 8 weeks (until the end of summer vacation), I’m going to be writing mini-chapters. Hopefully, I’ll find the time (maybe write it while I’m eating?), but anyways, we’ll see how it goes!

Title: Untitled. Hopefully one will come to me when I start typing. I’m just going with the flow. Wonder where it’ll take me (hopefully not to a writer’s block).

Hat. Check.. Clothes. Check. Toiletries. Check. Passport. Check. Sometimes, life takes desperate turns. You just have to pack your bags, and leave.

Royal Service, spells the neatly Italicized letters on the ticket. Flight TZ 1902, boarding time. 2300. Looking around, the airport is a buzz of noises, lights, people scrambling. People, racing to board flights, or casually walking towards lounges. So many people in one small area, yet those people, all strangers.  Even in a dorm room, when you’re living 24/7 the entire boarding school experience with a few other friends, you still are strangers. You can keep, what you can keep. You only tell what you want to tell. That’s always been the problem.

No, to clarify, he is the problem. He was the problem. He is my doom, so far away, yet why am I going back to him?

He has something of mine. Not my soul, not my heart.  This dark heart will yield no more. I am his mistake come back to haunt him.

But first, I have to think about my actual flight to where he is. I open up my notebook, black and gold with rims of blue.

Scribbled in red ink, thick, clumsy.

Dailia. It’s been too long. I’ve missed you. 


Game’s on. Just like old times.



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