To be Continued Two….

What is this?

It’s a project I started a few days ago. Basically, I’m writing a story in many parts, called “To be continued…” Inspired by the Berlin city, I’m traveling around the city and writing this story around it.

Here’s the first post:

You have 1 message. Gosh. What is it now? The alarm clock flashes red on the bedside. 24:00. I glance at the departures board. Flight TZ 1902 to London. Delayed. Uh. Great. 5 hours at the airport and I’m still stuck in this room. Better to go to sleep. 

Click. “Dailia. Listen to me carefully. Very carefully.” The silky smooth voice sends chills down my spine. The taste of coffee in my mouth. His dark brown eyes, twinkling and amused. Specks of gold drowning, interlocked in wood. “Come with me.” words whispered, his breath hot against my ear. Such pain, nights spent alone, staring at the moon. Thinking of what I did wrong. Where he was under the same starry sky.

“Dailia, I can’t say much. You have to trust me. Under the bed, under the carpet, is a letter. Don’t ask. Just follow it. I’m waiting here for you, with the last letter at hand. That’s all I can say. And oh, one thing. Stay safe.”

I roll out of bed, my eyes searching. Under the bed, under the carpet.  Square, small, small enough to disguise as a post it. Filled with red.

Opening it, a note. Hurriedly scribbled, slightly crumpled. I know you what you did last summer. You want valedictorian, Harvard, making the top 10 influential women list?  Slanted letters, almost illegible. He had messy hair  and a mischievous grin then. When everything started. 2010. Two weeks before graduation. Memories flood before I can get my wall up.


Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: 12 June, 2010.

“Hey Dailia,snobby rich boy has a note for you. Look at this.” Karice, her dark eyed petite self flicks something at me. She’s decked out in her usual gear. A top that barely covers her midriff and white jeans. A small smile on her perfectly made up face. On her plate, a salad sits, untouched. “Seriously. He’s creepy the way he’s always staring at you. You’d think he was a little puppy. ”

“Oh come on, stop it. He’s not half bad.” I look back at where he’s sitting. Black clothes, in the corner. Invisible. He’s eyes stare at me, holding amusement. His Gucci bag lies beside him, and he’s casually flipping his Rolex watch around his fingers.

Reading the note, a hunger starts inside me. Valedictorian. Harvard. Top CEO. He’s still looking at me, the edges of his mouth turned up now. Last summer. The summer when things went too far, too many drinks. Too much fun, just too much. I was so close to being valedictorian, but that could ruin me. But how could he know about that? None the less, he knows…

After lunch, I go to his little corner. Since no one’s near him anyways, I don’t bother asking him if I can sit down. “7 pm tomorrow at Alexanderplatz, Bail’ restaurant?” He says casually, setting his watch down on the table. People are looking at us. Sitting with Sebastian? Social suicide?  they seem to say, but I don’t care. “Fine.” He smiles at me, a knowing grin that I wasn’t sure I liked.

I look down, heat on my cheeks. Why am I blushing?   Just 2 more weeks to keep him quiet until graduation. Then I’ll be off to Harvard.

“Good choice.” He whispers, his warm fingers brush my cheek.


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