Sometimes, you need to recharge in order to move forward at full speed.

Put down all your work and your restless thoughts for a second, and breathe. Look at something other than your computer screen (Even though I am being such a hypocrite right now), grab some milk and cake, and enjoy!

I really adore Benjamin Francis Leftwich because he’s just one of those under-the-surface artists that have actual talent and doesn’t rely on auto tune and catchy beats. The good thing about indie music is that their tunes are a mixture between strange and catchy. Very hard to categorize, but that’s what fascinates me!

Soley, chock flu of hauntingly beautiful tunes. Just genius, soundtrack-worthy.

Dead Hearts by Stars. A little bit more “mainstream,” but there’s nothing bad about mainstream either. As you can see, I really like creepy, slow tunes (?), but hey, don’t judge! DO NOT go on that site unless you have a lot of free time. It is like an endless void. You fall in, and hours later, you realize that you’ve spent the last five hours skimming through posts. Yep, happened to me before. is the best place for stress free, humorous times. Seriously. I crack up every time, and a lot of the thing sin there is so true!!

Another daily website for me is . That site has such great tips, from DIY to the latest fashions to which hair matches what kinds of dress. Even though many of the makeup is way too radical for me, I learned a lot of things. For example, did you know that if you have white eyeliner on your eyes, it would make them appear brighter and give a metallic, futuristic look? Or that you could make lashes  out of wisps? Okay, maybe some people already do know that, but those were completely new for me!

Hope you enjoyed the little coffee/milk/cake break! Now go back to whatever you were doing!


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