A day in instagram

Just started using instagram instead of my usual Canon G12, and it´s actually really good!! All the filters make even the worst photos look good!

So some things I could´t take pictures of of course, like the talk by Nicholas Kulish (New York Times writer), but others I could. He talked to us about Berlin and Germany, the Euro Crisis, the pros and cons of journalism, philosophical details in media and the future, and the New York Times in general.

It´s really a privilege, to get to meet such important people. You realize that they´re people too, not gods or mystical beings with powers (except maybe the power to change the world). You get to talk and exchange ideas, and the fact that they´re so famous disappears. You see them for who they are, and looking back, you see how they got up to such high positions. Nicholas Kulish was such an interesting person, with educated opinions and deep thoughts about everything, and a sense of humor!

To find out more about himÑ


Okay, so back to the instagram pictures.

What? It helps me concentrate okay?


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