Music to your eyes

Cough Syrup-The Jakes

“Life’s too short to even care at all woahhh.”

A really happy song about taking risks and only living once.

Fidelity-Regina Spektor- 

Just an upbeat tune for a rainy day.

Five times August

The wanted-Chasing the sun

Sure, some might think that they’re a boy band, but hey, their music is catchy!

Her morning elegance-Oren Lavie

Just love the music video, which is such professional shooting. 5/5 for music video appearance, music, and creativity!

Justin Beiber-Boyfriend

Okay, WHATEVER. Don’t judge. Just watch this. he’s actually a really good dancer, and this song is not half-bad. And no, I’m not a Justin Beiber fan who likes to wear pink tutus and is 5 years old.

I promise to put in some more posts about actual philosophical stuff and my opinions about politics. I promise. 

Until then, enjoy life!


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