An iPhone world-Art for cause


This is a project I plan on continuing after finals. This is a draft/ outline I made about the state of the world. We all strive for things that are so impossible. To be thin, to be famous, to be sultry, because those are the things many people think are needed to be recognized or to get a partner. The Western culture is infiltrating Thai culture, which you can see from the MacDonald chains causing the local noodle shops to close down, and Thai girls adopting more and more Western philosophies. What will become of Thai culture?

In the same way, in this pice, the West is shown by materialistic things such as iPhone apps. The two girls on the right are Thai. One is dying to be thin, while the other resorts to prostitute-like behavior. Twiggy, which is on the left, represents fame. I decided to put Lai Thai (Thai patterns) in the smoke and write”Thailand” in Thai on the face of Twiggy to symbolize the Thainess that is fading away.


Final product will be posted up soon (soon as in like a month)!


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