Food for thought

So around the web, there’s been talk about “skinny vs curvy.” Is it better to be stick thin or have a few extra pounds?
It’s so easy for people to generalize other people as being “the skinny anorexics” or the “curvy people that eat their emotions.” Not everyone fits in those categories. Sure, there is some truth, that there is a certain percentage of skinny people that are anorexics and a certain percentage of curvy people that overeat due to stress, but it really depends on the person!
What’s healthy for one person might not be healthy for another.
I have many friends that are in both spectrums. Some are just stick thin and eat pasta and pizzas (and it stays in their stomachs), while others go on diets and are super healthy, yet don’t lose weight.
I’m kind of in the middle. I gain weight very slowly, but it takes about three months of pizzas, chocolate, milk, and chips to gain like, 4 kilos.
It really depends on the person. My personal philosophy when it comes to the matter?
Just do what you can, and don’t give a damn. Don’t reduce yourself to a bunch of numbers, the size of your dress, your weight, your hip to waist ratio. On the other hand, don’t beat yourself up when you just have a lazy day and eat things like cake and chocolate and watch movies.

Your body will naturally yearn for healthy things once it has its fill of unhealthy things, and as for exercise, don’t force it. It’s not a chore. The greatest advice anyone can give you is to find something that you like. For me, it’s dance, and I could literally dance for 4 hours without noticing the time.

This whole  skinny vs curvy debate is bullshark. Because everyone is different. Everyone works differently.Why such two extreme ideologies, why such extreme prejudices?

Enjoy life, because you’ve only got one, no matter if you’re skinny, curvy, or slightly in between like me.


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