The Cutout Project

Who are we? Are we the words we speak, the things we do? Are we our looks?

How about if we stop describing ourselves using personal pronouns? “I am Yada” does not say who I am, even though some may argue that that is the most complete answer one can give. Yada is nothing but a name.

It is almost always that when we have no time to process something, our true self comes out. Quick thoughts are sometimes more valuable then the well thought out essays that are taught in school, because what it lacks in statistics and structure, it makes up  in personality. This is where the idea of the cut-out project stems from. Crossing out words-or not crossing them out-withotu thinking, as fast as possible to find out who you really are.

This is by Narender Singh Bansal

Turn to a page of a book, newspaper, or any text, and cut out all of the words that don’t relate with you. Which words can you use to answer who you are? Which words do you click with? Those are the ones left uncut, untouched.

Don’t think, just cross out the words as fast as you can, and it´ll be all and done in 20 seconds!

So in order for this to work, I need YOU to send an email to with a picture of the text and a link to your blog.  On July 30th, all will be released as a work of art. 

You could just cross out the words from here:

Or elsewhere!


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