On pastels, Xena Warrior bracelets, and must have books

Hey everyone!

So today, I finally got the time (waking up at 6, groggy eyed and all) to do more than wear the first thing I see in the closet. A few days ago, I saw a bunch of things on sale. This bracelet (2 Euros)  and the three books (1 Euro each). Can you believe it?

Well, I couldn’t, and it was like love at first sight!

The bracelet is very Xena the princess warrior/Superwoman-y, and so utterly cute! It gives a futuristic twist to everything, and even though it’s very minimalistic, that’s what’s so great about it! A bit of metal spices up a plain outfit anytime!

As for pastels, today I decided to stick to a faded color palette. Faded yellow, gray, and white, which worked out quite nicely actually, since my skin tone is not faded at all. I just love white jeans (blue jeans are so mainstream), and this really showed my mood!

Mono colored outfits are coming back this summer, so finally I can express my true self without being a total weirdo. Back in sixth grade, I was in love with these kinds of things. Everyone just called me the girl in white cuz’ I would wear white shoes, shorts, and tops at the same time!

And these are the books I’m reading, which I’m completely in love with. Book reviews coming soon!


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