A little break/Update

A little update on life.

Finals is in a few days, and the pressure is really building on. From 8 in the morning to 9 at night, I’ll be working non stop.

Only 5 more days to go, and then I’m a rising junior!

Time passes by so fast. You do incredible things and you never get the time to reflect on them. I guess life is like a race, but what’s the prize? When we look back and see all the things we miss…We just regret not documenting it. But is it better to live in the moment or take time away from living life to reflect and document things?

So in an attempt to run away from stress (for a while), I took a little break to go to the city, to Neukolln. It’s this magnificent part of town with the Turkish immigrants. In 1961, after the Berlin Wall was put up, West Germany signed a trade and work contract with Turkey, in an attempt to receive more workforce. The workers were put in dormitories and were allowed to stay for a few years (initially), but the companies to whom the Turkish people worked for complained, since they had to recruit new employees every year. In the end, all the Turkish people moved to the neighborhood near al the factories, and they stayed there! At one point in time, the Germans were so desperate to be rid of them that they offered 5,400 Euros for them to go away!

However, now, Turkish people and other people are more assimilated into society, but still, the Germans think that they are guests, and that they will go away. There is no thought in merging Turkish culture with German culture. In one way, it’s sad, that the Germans live in this bubble. In the other, it makes for an interesting neighborhood!

Yay! There’s Thai here too!

My friends and I also got the honor to meet an artist who painted the exhibition Neukolln. He’s such a funny man, talking about all the stories behind the pictures and going on all sorts of tangents. Reminds me yet again of why I want to be an artist.

His name is John C. Barry, and you can view his work here:


And great news!

Yesterday, my school’s audio guide, as compiled by our art teacher, Cecile B. Evans, came out! We all spent 2 hours trying to promote our audio guide to the Biennale visitors. Fairly successful. I actually met two really fun and outgoing Argentinian women. They opened up so much when I started talking to them in Spanish and telling them about my going to Argentina in three months.

Cecile B. Evans: http://cecilebevans.com/

The audio guide: http://biennale.thinkglobalschool.org/

If you’re anywhere in Berlin, hey, maybe even listen to it!


One thought on “A little break/Update

  1. Integration and assimilation are a two-way street. Berlin is a multi-cultural society and all people must work harder to make it the best it can be!

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