“Amazing Race”

4 countries in 5 days, across countries, across Europe. Everyone was sick of each other, sick of homework, sick of being far away from home. The teachers gathered us in a room for the weekly meeting, but something was different. 

There were four big cardboard boxes in the corner, and the projector screen was on. We hushed down as the lights dimmed and the movie clip started. What is this about? We quietly thought. Normally we just sit around and talk. Something was up; the teachers were hiding behind sneaky smiles and hiding cameras. 

Clips of different parts of Europe start popping up. Prague. Budapest. Salzburg. 

It was the TGS version of the Amazing Race. And it started the day after. 

So basically, the reason I’ve disappeared from the internet space is because, well, I’ve been doing this “Amazing Race” (I have to put it in quotation marks because I don’t want people to sue me for referring to the TV show). Basically, the teachers and our own parents pranked us, making us believe that we would just go back home after studying, just like always.

Instead, the day before we left for our end of school trip, which we thought was just us going to different museums and attractions in one city, they handed us hiking bags, split us up into teams, and gave us our clues.

Basically, we had to complete all the clues for points, and some of the crazy things we had to do were eating pretzels with only our mouths, climbing a mountain, piggy backing each other, and having a lot of fun!!

Which kind of school lets their students go out in different cities on their own in an amazing race?




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