Segovia, Spain

Okay, I’m so so so sorry for not posting anything more than a few pictures. I really don’t want to be one of those bloggers who just blog to brag, and I promise this will be the last photo blog+life update combo I put up in the next few months. Even though it’s been summer vacation, I’ve been crazy hectic! As in, 5 hours sleep a day hectic~!

I’ve been going to the IB Conference in Segovia, Spain, on entrepreneurship. We had to make projects ranging from helping mutilated children in India to helping boost self esteem. We got to hear talks from young entrepreneurs, some even being 16 years old! After a week of intense work and intense fun (learning bollywood dancing, watching the Spain finals, etc.), we all headed back to our respectful countries, and FINALLY, as in an hour ago, my summer vacation FINALLY started.


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