Blogs I <3


Following other blogs may take an hour, which you could be doing something else, away from your life, but hey, they’re inspirational, fun, and just relaxing!

Here are the ones I just can’t stop myself from coming back to again and again.

This blog is a fashion one by Monica Parga, a Spanish fashion genius who started the blog at 15. This blog is all about what the (fashion-worthy) celebs are wearing, from Alexa Chung to Kate Bosworth, runway trends, and favorite street trends such as ripped jeans and statement necklaces. It’s a real eye-opener to what is going on in the fashion world. Very well written, very well presented. Bravo to Monica!

This girl, I adore. Her fashion sense is very effortless, and she’s not too far out of reach. She’s still a normal teen girl, with a medium sized budget. Her style is very classy, edgy, and well, it changes quite a lot, but she always looks good 🙂 She’s been featured in Teen Vogue, the Japan Elle website, and lots more! Her outfits are a real inspiration.

Boho, hippy child meets glam. She always has cute outfits, very girly, quirky, and retro with touches of bohemian. That’s the only way I can describe her style, because it’s very unique. Her posts always makes me smile because they’re so adorable!!

This is for the more high-end crowd, but I like looking at these things anyway (even though I have 0% chance of buying those things). She seems to always be on some trip to LA or a party or an event, and it’s a peek into the elite.  She has the ideal, high-coutureyet wearable look that many models sport, even though I’m pretty sure she works in a different role in the entertainment/fashion industry. This blog is very good for drooling over her outfits and the brand name price tags.

Hope you enjoyed all these little blogs. Sorry if they took away about half your day 🙂

Have a great day/night~!!


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