The other day, I overheard this conversation.

“I want to make a college application that Yale can’t turn down. So I want to make a best seller in the country, that wins many awards and stuff. But there’s no English awards here, it sucks. I talked to this publishing company manager and she was like, “That’s a great idea. Why don’t you write up a proposal for a competition?” Like what the hell? I don’t want to write up a proposal for a competition I have to judge myself! Can’t you just get someone to get my book published? Seriously mom!”

I don’t even-Why do so many rich people just throw away gratitude and humbleness just like that?I would never talk to my mother like that, and I would be extremely grateful and very honored to speak to a company manager!

I have a lot of friends who are very, very, very rich, and yet are humble, grateful for what they have, and want to earn their way up by means of their goodness, not money.

But there are just others that…just infuriate me a lot. How can some people just buy heir way to Yale, probably to some big company, and buy everyone else to like them, while more humble and grateful others work nine hours a day to afford a college?

Those people have their lives revolve around them, their mothers worthy only because of the people the mothers know, and they don’t try the tiniest bit for what they have.

And the most infuriating thing about those kind of people are, they usually get away with it.

Something has to change, or else we’ll end up with this kind of people on top. And the poor will just keep on getting poorer.


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