What would you do if you could live?

What would you do, if you could live?

Living means different things to different people. We all are “living” biologically, yet we have different takes on such a simple word. “Live.” One word, that has sparked so many philosophers’ pattern of thought and religious interpretations. “Live.” We are living in a world where no one knows the limits of life. For me, it means to be free and careless from any worries or fears. If I could live, I would do the craziest things that I would never do now. I would scuba dive in shark-filled water and bungee jump from the highest place on Earth.

But enough about me-what does it mean to you?  Let’s just make this question a mini-series, because it is an important question. A very obvious, yet vague question. Email yadacmis@gmail.com, with a little take on the topic, anywhere from one word to a thousand. The post will then be put up on this blog. The sky’s the limit, so live!!



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