Ripping the old

To beckon the new.

Found these two forgotten pieces in the wardrobe today. A blue shirt that was a bit too boring for me now, and a black dress that is cinched at the waist and is way too short.

With the blue shirt, I decided to make it a short sleeved cardigan and cut out a skeleton pattern on it, and I decided to make the black dress a high-low long shirt with winged cut outs 🙂

A tip for anyone else who wants to try this DIY.

Use tape to measure out which is the middle of the shirt, and make the patterns symmetrical. In the blue cardigan, I didn’t use tape, and that was what it looked like 🙂

Also, use a box and fit the shirt/dress over it before cutting, to make sure that you don’t accidentally cut the other side of the gown.


Happy crafting!



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