Sorry for the bad quality of the photos. All I had was my phone camera.

Some photos from the 7 day trip to Singapore for a summer program. Singapore is such an interesting city. It seems to be a city of constant change. Everywhere you go, there are skyscrapers that are 100 stories high, and new constructions…Always new constructions. Everything is happening here, from the busy shopping street that is Orchard road to the dancers coming and going from their neck-breaking daily life in the Singapore Arts School. Everyone has to fight to be a part of this thriving city….Yet it is such a perfect country.

The roads are paved, most cars follow rules… Everything’s clean, safe, and old people have jobs to do.

Are people really happy there? Is perfection happiness?

Singapore is now the New York of South East Asia, and walking through the streets of LVs and Gucci, you can see why.


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