Sun’s shinin’

Because it’s the time of year when you can just chill in cafes and write for however long you wish, vacation really deserves a music playlist. Hey, a beautiful summer’s day is like a silent movie without some music!

1. Keep pushing me -Gabrielle Aplin

She has serious talent. The first time I heard this song, it moved me so deeply that I listened to it 10 more times over. The lyrics and the melody all build up with her strong, clear, yet flickering voice. How do people like this make such incredible songs?

2.Everybody breaks a glass (Dead Batteries remix)

For all the dub step lovers (or anyone who wants to feel on-top-of-the-world), this dub step remix is perfect! It isn’t all dub step, but it does have some melody to it. The melody is beautifully sung, clean and clear, to balance out the roughness of the dub step. Really is very inspirational (and a good workout song)!

3. Make it go-Kina Grannis

A song dedicated about cancer. Even though it is very sad, it’s an extremely good listen to long nights in trains, looking out into the stars.


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