Dying plants and writer’s block

(For the past few days, I’ve just been scratching my head, trying to come up with things to write about.

But something’s strange been happening. For the first time ever since the start of this blog…I actually could not think about anything. Whenever I start up “Add New Post,” the next thing I see is a wasted hour on youtube videos and NY time articles. Doing absolutely everything except the one thing I had planned on doing. Respect for all those bloggers who have such amazing lives and never run out of things to talk/take pictures of, but right now, things have been calming down. In contrast to the usual crazy traveling that has been the subject of so many blog posts, I’m living the normal life right now. Chillin’ on the couch, doing summer homework. Normal, normal.

But sometimes you just need a little bit of normal to reboot.

Lately, I’ve really taken a heel turn. You know what? Why be stressed when you can be happy? Vacations are for taking a break and recharging in your PJs.  So many people scramble to fill their vacations with portfolio items, and for what? What will all these vacations be worth, if you aren’t happy? Most of the year is already spent having headaches, tests, and practices, and breaks are the only small sliver of time to spend time with your family and have fun. And then after those few breaks, there comes college. More work and stress. And the real world, the scramble to the top. No time to rest, no time to sleep.

Time is expensive, so start taking care of it while it’s still free. 


Don’t be the dying plant, who turned it all away. 

(Just some pictures from a walk)



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