Getting Lost

We all think we know a place so well, until someone foreign comes and sweeps over the land. Until that someone finds the gem you never knew existed. And then you look at every crack and corner, and everything has changed.

Getting lost is being pulled from you bubble, to see the world anew and savor every little detail.

It’s the details that count, and yet as time goes on and we grow familiar and weary of a place, the details blur, and everything’s gray again.

So, in honor and celebration of us being the “digital natives,” here are a few websites to start (and note, start) your journey on getting lost around the internet. With billions of pages, I’m sure that’s not going to pose a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

1. TV Tropes

For all the artsy people out there, here is the biggest database on everything literature, film, and music! Everything that leads from this busy highway are only all the possibilities of literary twists and turns, characters and special film effects. Just let yourself go for a few hours. You might even find a literary twist for your novel ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Gives me hope.

This website just goes on and on, connecting under happiness and joy. Hope; it’s the thing that drives us forward through each and every hardship. Plus there’s a few really cute stories in there.

3. 99 Rooms

Built by the designers of “Anasomnia” (never heard of it? Go search it up. Now.), this is their latest bone-chilling installment. A weird mix of ย art, music, and just psychological horror, this is so scary that it’ll get you on the edge of your seats. It’s a bit like a “Escape the Room” sort of game. The catch? The music, moving murals of a bloody eye just staring at your cursor, and the endless rooms….

It’ll leave you screaming, and wondering if there are any more websites like it in the internet.

While you’re walking through creepy rooms full of unseen things that scurry in moving sewers, here’s some easy listening ๐Ÿ™‚

“To Build a Home” is just a phenomenal piece by the Cinematic Orchestra, truly their most inspiring. It has something that touches everyone, from the moving lyrics to the simple yet flickering tune to the minimalistic music video. 5/5

Getting lost is no easy task. It requires one to first open one’s eyes.


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