Soundtrack de Argentina


Sorry for the inconsistent posts, but it’s quite hectic here in Argentina. First days of school, first days of jetlag, first days of IB! Apparently, IB students stay up until 3 at night doing homework, so that’s going to be interesting 🙂

Between the 35 hour travel time and the days arranging and rearranging my new apartment, there’s a lot of time to pass. These days, I’ve just been stocking up on the protein and trying to fight through the stages of going back into school. Gotta…get…through….

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are four stages of knowing a country:

1. The tourist stage. This usually occurs in the first month of living in a country. You walk around each city, marvelling at how safe it is and how beautiful the sites are. However, you don’t know that there’s a pickpocketer driving up in a motorcycle at the very moment.

2. The Suspicious stage. You start to see flaws, usually occurs around Week 5-10. Especially in a foreign-language country, you go the completely opposite direction. You suspect that everyone is out to get you. Don’t worry, they’re not. Some people are good.

3. Acceptance. You finally see Argentina through the eyes of an almost-native. Not good, not bad. Just…normal…Week 10-20.

4. Week 30. Last stage. Deterioration. This is when you start to get sick of the country, and you feel confined. You want to see “more of the world.”

And when you get back home, you find that you’re a tourist in your own country. And thus this cycle starts again 🙂

Too close-Alex Clare

Morgen-Frida Gold

I don’t like you-Eva Simons

Mr. Saxobeat

Happy first days of school everyone, and enjoy it while you can!




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