Fun little blog update

One thing that we must all do during the busiest times of our lives is to make promises to ourselves, academically, health-wise, or in other ways. Life isn’t all about fun, or all about work. Sometimes we get so absorbed in one or the other that we forget the other little things in life.

-30 Situps a day
-An orange a day
-Keep a food journal

-Write for an hour a week
-Do something crafty for at least half an hour each week! You know you want to.
-Write in a diary and sketch about your experiences for half an hour each day.

-Wash hair every other day

So how’s those been going? Well, as of yesterday, this week’s  craft promise has been kept (success!), and this is what has reaped from an hour and a half of watching movies with my friends and trying to sew at the same time.

What you basically do to make this is have any kind of fabric and a pair of jean shorts. You don’t need to cut the fabric into the shape of half the shorts, but just cut out a huge square chunk that will definitely fill half the shorts. Then, you could just fold the edges and leftover bits under while sewing to customize the fabric to fit the shorts!




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