LVL (Louis Vuitton Lookalikes)

Why do we want what we want?

A few days ago, the new iPhone 5 came out. People were standing in line just to get it, even though the iPhone 5 is not that different to the iPhone 4s, and even more similar to the bigger smartphones of the early 2000s than all the other smartphones out nowadays. Why? Same reason people buy into trends, even though they change every 3 months and they will always circle back to the same place again (60s and 70s anyone?).

People don’t want to feel excluded, and they want to be the first ones to say, “I just got the new iPhone,” or “I just got the new Louis Vuitton heels.” Actually, do you know how much these lookalikes were? 10 Bucks! Yet people buy the real thing for a hundred times that. People like to boast, whether it is by buying a new car instead of necessities, because right now, we are in a state of materialism.

When people ask me if my shoes are Louis Vuitton, I just wonder, “what happened?” When did people start to care?


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