Themes 2012

You know how music can shape a trip or a certain phase in your life, and when you look back, all you hear is that song?

Lately, while i’ve been looking through old memories, tunes keep playing in my head….

Music shapes us, and we shape music.


Love Lost – The Temper Trap

Quite a weird music video, but you must admit, it’s good music!

Chill music brings back memories of long summer days and amazing European-looking buildings.


Ahhh yes, the Galapagos…..Sea lions barking and extremely hot weather, lots of mosquitos, and scary animals.

Quite picturesque though!

Ed Sheeran-The A team

Do you remember when that song was such a hit?

I do.


Sawasdeeka. Hello.

The land of smiles 🙂

Great food, great fruits (my tastebuds are forever tainted)

Winter Song-Sara Bareilies and Ingrid Michaelson.

“They say that things cannot grow, beneath the winter snow, or so I’ve been told….”

Best song for chilling/relaxing/studying


Gosh…This is hard….So many songs to choose from going to and from the summer school…

Music can be like coffee, it can wake you  up, bring you down, or ready to face the world.

Or a Pre-IB course. 🙂

Cobra Starship- You make me feel…0.0…1ac.1.D9kfs4gaB3o


This is very, very easy. “Call me maybe!”

Yes, very annoying song. Yes, over-played. Yes, she was bought to fame by Justin Beiber. But guess what?

It’s catchy + Really fun to dance too + Very easy to incorporate into normal conversation.

Example A:

Person 1: My boyfriend din’t call me yesterday!

Person 2: Really?

Person 1: I was like, hey I just met you…

Person 2: And this is crazy.

Person 1: but here’s my number

Together (burst out into song) :SO CALL ME MAYBE!

No? Just me?. …Okay.

Czech Republic/ Hungary/Vienna

Ben Howard became mainstream around this time. His songs are just…soul searching.

Very hard to play on guitar though.

These countries passed by so fast, it was just a blur, like Ben Howard’s fingers strumming against guitar.

Ben Howard-Gracious


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