Graffiti: Art or defacing?



These artists are the celebrities of the street scene her in Buenos Aires.


“Oh those children, they just don’t care about society and spray paint their lives away.”

“That wall has been damaged. Someone cover it up.”

Graffiti is illegal. Graffiti is “damaging the walls.” But is it really? Walls can speak of unseen times.¬†Because behind every piece, there’s a story, and in Buenos Aires, it speaks of repression and shame.

Here, the street art culture is very, very unique. Street artists here have to ask for permission to paint on the walls, and it takes days for the artists to draft their piece and put it up. And from there, when the piece is done and carefully put on the wall?

It’s only a matter of time before the first tagger claims it, and then it’s a race to find space for tagging.

There are street artist wars, artists painting over artists painting over artists.

Their art speaks of a time when even to speak against the government is to suicide.

You need only to look at the meanings behind the murals, to figure it out. Who made the graffiti? What’s their story?

Graffiti is illegal, graffiti is beautiful.



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