Pots, pans, and…Dogs?

Ah! The IB! You are driving me…insane.

Well okay, maybe its not that bad. Yet. But it’s getting there. So I will try to find things that are non-IB related, because there are already too many blogs out there about complaints towards the IB. It is after all just another curriculum, even if it might be harder than some. So for now, this blog is turning into a travel/photography blog, but I promise to mix things up as soon as I get through the first phase of adjusting to the IB!

So, in a lighter and less deep mood, a few days ago, I went to a dog shelter here. There were dogs missing a leg, dogs which couldn’t bark…All kinds of poor little things.

So anyhow, pots and pans are a symbol of revolution here in Buenos Aires. The clatter of metal upon metal signify the “Cambalache,” the bitter, utter doom of Argentine history. The clanging sneaked into your ears, catching you off guard and slowly sneaking into your conscious. Then the honking starts. Cars stop on the streets and traffic jams form along the busily lit streets. You look out, and amist the 11 pm sky and city of light, something is happening.

I’ve read books about this kind of protest before, such as the “Long After Midnight At the Nino Bien” by Brian Winter (quoted in the video). But, to be inside the lines…To be part of an experience you’ve only ever imagined and read in stories….This…This is entirely different….



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