Late Night Thoughts

Boy with a coin-Iron and Wine

It’s that quiet time of night. When you stare off into space, and you can’t think. But nothing really matters anymore, at this time and this night. Not homework, not stress…not even life, which is why you might find me here, typing away at this time and night.

What is it about this almost magical time between that moment when you’re about to pass out from tiredness and when insomnia hits?

What happens?

It’s like that off-hilter world where everything is suddenly brighter…more….real. It’s like that moment when you’re running through the pain shouting from your calves, and then suddenly something leaves you and…..You’re free, jumping around for lamp posts and laughing with all your heart.

What happens?

And then dawn comes, and we have to stop running, and go back to our world of dreams.

So enjoy the night while it is young and let your muse come and go.

The night is full of ideas and thoughts.

All you have to do

is simply think.



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