Lazin’ Days

From Calera de Las Huerfanas (A ranch formerly owned by the Jesuits before they were driven out by the Conquering Spanish King, where African slaves were used and the Jesuits christianized the native indigenous there), to exploring Colonia, Uruguay, the past few days have been such fun!

And since I haven’t done a fashion post in forever, here it is!

Today, because of the nature of this trip, it’s all about comfort (without sacrificing style)!

Because while traveling, varsity jackets are not the best (especially in rainy/hot weather), a great substitute to replicate the look is to wear a thin black or navy long-sleeved low neck shirt, put a boxy vest on, and then under it all, put a white or black tanktop. Therefore, it looks like you’re wearing the varsity jacket trend, without the price tag!

So as you may know, I have quite an addiction to spikes, and so I decided to sew these on the collars, and viola! Makes for a very cowboy/jock girl look, perfect for hiking up a mountain and chilling at the beach!




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