ESSential care


I haven’t done a beauty post in such a long time, so I decided to switch things up a bit.

We all have those days when all we want to do is just sleep in and laze around, where the 10 minutes of makeup seems to take forever. Those days, it is very hard to look polished with minimal effort. However, if you already have perfect skin, you don’t even need the makeup! And so in order to achieve that, here are some recommended products for your lips, face, and eyes.


Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Flavor Strawberry Tinted Lip Care

Not only does it have a red tint (which is very sheer but also good for layers), this lip balm gives care as well as color! Ever since i’ve started using this, my lips have been crack free. This lipbalm also smells a bit like strawberry, which is even better because who doesn’t like a tasty smelling balm?

Plus sides: Smells nice, SPF 10, glides on smoothly, good color, lip treatment works

Negative sides: …None?


Revlon moon drops

This is an all-round great sleep-in lip conditioner. Just put this on your lips before you sleep at night, and in the morning, they’ll be ready for lip color!

Plus sides: Great texture, good for nude lips, they actually condition,

Negative sides: Might be non-moisturizing for people with especially dry lips.



It’s an amazing makeup remover/moisturizer that provides antioxidants and it is perfect for oily skinned people like me! Actually, our skin secretes so much oil because it lacks moisture, and so the glands go into overdrive in order to compensate for the dryness. This cleanser feels so refreshing; if I had to choose one face care product, this would definitely be it.

Plus sides: Great makeup remover/ acne remover, refreshing, fragrance-free, moisturizing

Negative sides: …I actually can’t think of one!


All About Eyes Rich

This wonderous product erases all darkness and bags under your eyes, which is quite handy for those high school or college students who barely get enough sleep. It also moisturizes very well, and you can wear it under makeup or bare-faced. Seriously; just put this on, do your eyebrows, and you’ll look polished enough to go out!

So next time you jump out of bed, you’ll be looking polished and ready for work or school in 2 minutes!

And just to get you pumped up in the mornings, here is a new song I recently discovered.

                       Run, Run, Run by Celeste Buckingham.

She is going to be the next “big thing,” I can just feel it.




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