Comedic Moments

We all have those comedic moments. Those moments when heat creeps up your face, and you feel like the world is closing down on you. A few minutes later, laughter bursts out of you, thinking about the embarassing moment.

Well, out of all of my time here at Argentina, there’s only been one (I swear)!

This weekend, I went on a kind of retreat to an Estancia a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. I must admit, I’m a small town girl. The biggest mall in my city was three stories high, and the other malls are very rare to come by. There’s more park and nature then cement and glass, and you can actually hear the sounds of birds chirping in the morning.

Here, in Buenos Aires, birds are replaced by the pulsing beat of the city which seems to never sleep. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, banging of pots and pans and honking cars wake me up, as people protest against the government. Cars pass by in a never ending stream. It’s the capital city, and for some, this may mean the land of opportunity in Argentina. For me personally, after months of living here, I’m ready for grass and park and a city where the most exciting thing that happens is the Sunday market.


What Estancia meant was hours upon hours of trying to tight rope, playing volleyball, and doing yoga and dancing in fields of green. One of the days, there was a Gaucho tricks demonstration, and that is where my comedic story begins.

So I’m just sitting there, watching the Gauchos miraculously control their horses and catch a ring at the same time. I don’t really know how people can be so coordinated, when outside the dance stage, I can barely walk 1,000 meters before tripping on air.

And of course, out of all people, I stand up to volunteer when the Gaucho asks if anyone wants to horse sled.

The horse sled is basically a make-shift sack tied onto a horse, and I’m put on the sack. The Gaucho sits right behind me, and being the awkward duckling I am, everyone laughs at the situation and I do too.

And off we go! The horse pounds away. The rope is rough against my hands, and I try to hang on to it with my life.

“DALE! DALE! GO! GO!” Yells the Gaucho. “NO! NO!” I yell, screaming.

Of course, the horse listens to the Gaucho, and speeds up even more.

Out of thin air, the ground is suddenly in front of my eyes, and I’m tumbling and tumbling. Grass, dirt, and spit in my mouth.

And from all directions, the audience goes, “AWWW!” at the same time.

So all in all, I tumbled from horse sledding, almost broke a Gaucho’s nose (key word here is almost), and went on to slip during tight rope training and bump into a tree.Even though I  did have a few scratches, all in all, it was an amazing experience in Argentina, and oh, what a story to tell!

Happy days and comedic times!




Battle Scars



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