Finals and December playlist!

Photo on 11-22-12 at 6.00 PM #6

After this week, I promise to ramp up my blog updates and work. For right now, all that dominates my day is derp faces, test prep, and inked hands.

Only 1 and a half more years….Only 1 and a half more years….


On a cheerier note, here’s the December Playlist!

So I know that in December, we’re supposed to start playing Christmas music, but for people who don’t celebrate Christmas (it’s a culture issue), well, we don’t play Christmas music.

And besides, you could always find Christmas music in stores and everywhere, and so you probably going to get tired of it pretty fast!

‘Infinite Elation’ (Progressive House Mix)

This is an amazing track for churning out homework and study, since all of the tracks are so amazing, meaning you don’t need to flip through songs every time a song ends!

Mr. Suicide Sheep

This youtuber is just musically amazing, with an almost flawless taste in music (if you like chillstep, that is). I’ve been listening to his songs the entire day, and I don’t know how, but he somehow finds the best remixes!

Beethoven’s 5 Secrets – OneRepublic (Cello/Orchestral Cover)

If you’re feeling very uninspired or unmotivated, pop some earphones in, and let this song play. It’s very….cinematic and motivational, and leaves you looking out at the world with fresh eyes.

The Piano Guys

This youtuber is actually three people who play different instruments. They make covers of songs from pop to classic, from “Without You” by David Guetta to “The Hobbit” theme song, adapting it to their different instruments and yet keeping the essence of the songs. One thing though-How do they lift their instruments to the different settings they are in? It must be quite heavy to lift a piano up a cliff….

David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia – Cover by Charlie Puth

Doesn’t his eyes, and that voice, just reach out to you?

Charlie Puth

An emerging artist that is simply under-exposed!

Happy days! 6 days and counting until finals are over…



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