Giving back thoughts



After the hectic cramming of finals, it’s on to the countdown. A few more days until school ends, then a flight to a (secret) location (you will find out the whereabouts in about 12 days), and then back home.

When you’re in a situation like me, traveling every few months while going through the hormonal stages of being a young adult, we usually forget about how lucky we are.

Many people, when they look at me, just think, “Oh, what a brat, getting to travel all around the world, bragging about her experiences on the internet.”

The truth is, in this world, you can’t really ever win. I’ve been doing a bit of self-reflection lately, and one of the key thoughts that have been passing through is, “Why do I blog?”

I think….Travel is a luxury, and because I get the opportunity to travel and do such amazing things, i feel like I should share it with the world, try to be a resource for others to ask about. I want to explain and share the experiences I get in a way that people that may never have the chance to leave their home country, can live through my experiences, through my blog.

Also, I’ve been thinking about community service lately. I have done some community service in the past, teaching orphanages English and  hospital children dance, but I’ve lost touch with that side lately…

All this talk about colleges and SATs and finals, I guess it’s just messing with my head. These things that seems so important, they’re quite dangerous. Because  they can make you lose touch with who you are.

But I’ve found myself under the math formulas, biology labs, and economic analysis papers again, and until it’s time to let grades dominate again, I’ll try to give back. Because people like me, who travel, we have the ability to see the world in a way so little can ever hope. We have a responsibility, to give back.

We just need to remember.


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