Adios y Gracias

IMG_8413 IMG_8401 IMG_6539

1)  Just a little bit of cheesiness from yours truly, but it’s heart felt…

2) Palermo street art.

3) El Tigre

If you can lose, and not want the loss of others.

If you can fight, and be beaten, and still

rise up to the occasion when everyone

else is hurt with broken hearts and broken hills.

If you can run, without looking back.

When all those around you stumble trying to hold you back.

If you can cling on to what you know and what you love,

when others forget and re-learn memories of not-so-long ago.

if you can open your hearts and your minds to the world,


The last few days, I tried searching for the truth. What I thought, of Argentina, untainted by others’ words. I walked around Palermo, San Telmo, Recoleta, and I saw the people on the streets laughing, the vibrance of the market merchants…Even though the bus system is quite confusing, Argentina has still kept it’s culture and the unique blend of European, the “mini Paris” vibe, and its own culture.

In a world full of a neutralizing culture, it’s definitely a sparkling gem in a sea of gray.

Thank you for letting me in to a little bit of your culture. Adios y gracias.



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