Okay, so a few posts ago, I was being extremely, extremely mysterious about my whereabouts, and disappeared off the web interface for a few weeks. So now i’m back, and can officially say that….Bhutan was where I was!

You’re probably looking at this, confused about where…Or what…Bhutan is exactly. Bhutan is a small country between China and India, known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” or the “Last Shangri-La.”  It is known for its peaks, its magnificent nature, and policy of “Gross National Happiness,” where the success of a society is measured not by GDP and money, but by happiness.

It’s truly a step back in time. They still use the ox for farming, and only a few villages have wifi and computers. 70% of the land is covered in forest, and  almost all people wear traditional dress. It’s so refreshing, so different from the city noises. It makes me realize how while many think those who don’t have computers or cars or air conditioning are deprived, they have what we all essentially want: happiness.

Here’s an amazing video clip of Bhutan, just to introduce you to it:

DSC_0259 IMG_3559 IMG_3678 LOVE IMG_3710


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