Boston Solstice+Weekly Discoveries

Yes, after the hectic postings dominated by travel, I’ve been quite busy with homework, adjusting to the new city, and preparing for the SATs.

So, sitting here in Boston, in the warmth of my room, I decided to do something a little different.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a phenomenon called “8 tracks.” It’s ultimately a site for music sharing and playlist making, but the unique thing is the music search bar. It has many different categories such as “love,” “study,” “sports,” “work out,” and other occasions or moods. If your mood or action isn’t in the categories, there’s an open search engine to put in your keyword. All of the different playlists tagged with the keyword or category will come up, and there will be a different set of categories. For example, if you click “homework,” then the categories “dance,” “motivation,” “indie,” and “chill” (among other things) will come up.

And when you click on that, then the list of playlists tagged with the two keywords will pop up!

It’s great for finding new music and not having to spend 5 minutes searching for a song.




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