Birth After Death : Technology rules once more


Just today, CNN posted a new article titled “How to post on Facebook, twitter after you’re die.”  And yes, the articles  as controversial as the title. 

For me, even though I believe myself to be liberal and even though I’ve never really experienced a death of a loved one, I simply think technology, meddling in a thing like death, is simply wrong. There are certain things that we’re not supposed to meddle with such as creation of life, the “perfect” and “enhanced” human being (which has caused many disastrous atrocities such as the Holocaust and selective inbreeding within the Russian high society, which eventually led to Nicholas II’s son’s fatal death). 

Although this “DeadSocial” site is not exactly trying  to bring people back to life physically, emotionally and through the very real online world, they are. How moral is it, for someone other than a person to mimic the person? The DeadSocial workers would need to research and interview every one of the person’s members in order to really delve into and accurately portray the mindset and personality, and with the demand they must be receiving, thorough research is near impossible. 

The company says it hopes to change the way death is perceived. Psychologically, by seeing updates from the dead person through its social media, the grieving subconsciously believe that the dead person is still alive. However, that is not true recovery from grievance. That is only false illusion. 

But then again, is it better for someone to be in emotional pain, like the grieving, or to be put under a false sense of security?

I guess that will  be the debate that my generation will have to continue. 

What do you think about the technology issue?


The link to the Technology post:


Some other interesting websites on technology, selective breeding, and search for perfection:

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