Lesson Learnt: Hospital Beds and Symptoms

Hello everyone! So..Another one of my more silly posts. For some reason, in every country, I seem to have some sort of ailment, whether it be falling off a horse sled (in Argentina) or, like right now, getting Staph.

Just so you know, Staph is a bacteria that can cause boils all over your body, weakness, dizzyness, and if it  gets to your blood, it can potentially harm your heart, lungs, and brain.

So yes, it is pretty serious. Luckily for me though, it never did quite get into my blood. However, if I had not told my Residential Life staff about the big pimple that had evolved into a hand sized ball of pus, I am pretty sure that it would have gotten into my bloodstream.

So for the first three days, I thought it was normal; just a little pimple. However, when it got into the size of my hand, I knew that something was wrong.

The next day, I find myself in a hospital bed, being pumped full of antibiotics, where I would be staying for the next 72 hours. Of course, that weekend also correlated directly with my Model United Nations event, which I had put weeks of work into. Of course.

However, I know that if I had gone to MUN, I probably would have fainted in the middle of it when the bacteria DID get into my bloodstream, and that would’ve been a lot worse.

It’s safe to say now that the hospital (Mass General Hospital) has finally gotten the bacteria out, and I’m back to school. All I have to do now is re-learn how to walk with that leg. 🙂

Note to everyone: Mass General Hospital has the nicest staff. They come around every 30 minutes, asking you if you want anything to eat or drink. The food is amazing, with turkey gravy and couscous. And the movie selection and wifi! They have hundreds of new titles. They made staying in the hospital fun, and I’m saying that from my heart.



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