Confusion in the American Front



Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 11.30.53 AM

You might see this often, in TV shows, the advertisement before youtube videos, and in storefronts.

What about, “Keeping up at the Warfront?”

A month into my stay here in Boston, I’ve grown quite accustomed to American news, which constitute of mostly American events. Every channel I turn on is talking about American events. I understand the value of American politics and even the occasional m re/d carpet feature just for fun, but when news turn into someone getting hit by lights or someone falling into a snake pit- There are people dying in Syria, the potential of a nuclear bomb in Iran, and hate crimes against homosexuals in Uganda….Where are those events in the news?

Maybe it’s just that this is not my culture, so I don’t understand it…. Anyone? Enlighten me?



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