Inspiration for the Seeking

You. Yes, you. You can make a change in this world.

We usually laugh when we hear that; it’s such a banal thing to say. However, it is true.

Coming from a 15 year old, with little fame, wealth, or power to exercise, I believe so too.

If everyone thought that they couldn’t do anything until they’re older, then that outlook will block them for doing anything once they’re older.

Change starts now, and here’s why:

1) We’re still young, with fresh outlooks on life. We have passions, and once we get to a stable job and we’re middle aged, when we feel we’re “Ready” to make a change (and by what standards is being well-to-do “ready?”), time would be running out. We would have wated half of our life, just trying to establish ourselves.

2) Even if you think you’re a tiny person in a big, big world, SCREAM as loud as you can. And people will hear.

(this video is my experimental one, so I’m sorry for the  lopsided screen)

Small Things by Yada Pruksachatkun

3) Because we can create the world we want to live in.

I’d just like to finish off with a song by Will.I.Am and The Script.

The Script – Hall of Fame ft. – YouTube

“Do it for your people

Do it for your pride.

Never gonna know if you never gonna try.”

Don’t you ever forget that.



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