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In a tech-savvy, tech-filled world, we rarely see people’s faces anymore. We don’t need to as much. When we’re not doing work on our computers, we’re usually  Facebooking or watching a movie…On a screen.

And on the rare occasion that we shut off our computers, we’re rushing to some place or another, not really stopping to look at people’s faces.

I’ve recently decided to turn off my computer for 12 hours every day to de-tech my brain for break. Forced to look at faces every day, I’ve realized how beautiful, how emotion-filled, a face can be. Wonder, curiosity, happiness. To catch that slight second of surprise on a person’s face before he/she covers it up.

We live in a world of masks and computer screens, hiding our emotions. Emotions are bad. Never cry in public (have you heard that?). Never laugh when someone falls. Be polite, even if you find something funny and want to laugh out loud.

But when people do care to look up and look at other’s faces, and let their emotions be shown…The result…..the result is simply stunning.


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