Death of a Son

Recently, I’ve taken up going back to my poetic roots, and really experimenting with different emotions.This  one? Chaotic and dark.

Everyone saw,
Her eyes hollowing
Her lips drawing thin
She never used to be this way.
But her dear son paved the way.

She could feel him
His fingers scratching its way across
The empty crevices of her heart.

He pours fire into her veins,
And turns the whole world
A shade insane

Her screams crawl up her throat
Up and out.
He pulls tears out of her eyes,
And words of spite from her lungs.

Between her heart and her eyes,
She tells everyone who will hear.
The anger, the hatred,
The mother of the fated.

She’s a mother twice-scorned.
With all the world to mourn.
“It’s not me! I swear!
It’s not me, It can’t be
I don’t like this new me.
Who is she? Who is she? ”


Writing tip:

If you really want to portray strong emotion, try listening to songs that correlate.

I was listening to “I Don’t Wanna live her on this earth (with you)” by Kate McGill, cover by bellamusica4.




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