The Voice of the Unheard

We are at the brink of enlightenment in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the answer may come in the form of already existent nonviolence. Yes, existent. Nonviolence in Palestine has been going on since the 1970s, and “seeing no resolution after decades of displacement, chose armed struggle” (Huffington Post). However, with online news sites bombarded with pictures of killed people, soldiers, and bombs, it’s easy for the more quieter side of the conflict to slip away unnoticed.

A few days ago, I heard this Tedxtalk by Julia Bacha, an independent filmmaker from Brazil.

In this Ted talk, she talks about how there are nonviolent protests in Palestine when it comes to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, but that the international stage is not paying enough attention for those protests to continue. In any situation where the domestic problems become intolerable (i.e. in the small Palestinian villages which Israel was going to close off from its homeland due to territorial adjustments). 

While it is true that violence, death, and bad news makes good news and publicity, and many major companies need to attract sponsors and potential advertisers to generate revenue just as much as inform citizens, isn’t it important for news items that are crucial to know as important?

Maybe I’m being idealistic here, but when it comes to saving lives, possibly providing the solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict with as little lives lost as possible…There should be any debate on if nonviolence should be put in the front pages of newspapers.

Now, after reaching the level of international publicity of documentaries and front-headlines,  the second part of the equation would be to show the extent to which the international community supports nonviolence to  the small villages who are using nonviolence. That can be done through reporters going in, showing them clips of documentaries on iPads, photos of newspaper items, and other technology. There are multiple ways to go about doing this.

So what are we waiting for? It’s been two years since Julia came out with her Tedxtalk, but not much has surfaced. The Economist and The Guardian has surfaced with articles on the matter, urging other news channels and online sources to spread awareness on nonviolence. However, from what I’ve seen, there’s been 1 article on CNN, 1 on BBC, and none of them in 2013. However, I am certain that there must be some nonviolence movement trying to catch our diverted eyes, and trying to survive.

And I’d also like to reach out to any fellow teenagers out there, as well as adults. You are part of the global audience. It’s great to watch football, go on Vogue  and Youtube (I do that all the time as well) and just have fun, but it is equally important to help spread awareness. If you (adults, teenagers, everyone) click  on articles of nonviolence as well as those on violence, then news channels will know that nonviolence articles are becoming more popular. They will publish more, and the cycle continues. Then we can actually make nonviolence heard.

So I urge you to click on these links:

And maybe someday soon, the fighting will be over, and the Palestinian people will finally be able to see that, peace works as well as bloodshed to gain international attention. These people are doing everything to catch our attention and ask for help…Why aren’t we listening?


If you have found any current news articles on the topic, comment below! I’d really like to see any progress in this issue! Also, I’m not from Palestine or Israel, so don’t take all of my thoughts for fact! Find out more on the matter, and come to your own conclusions 🙂


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