Soundtrack of a Time once Gone



I remember once, of a time, when there was all time in the world, of being able to just close your eyes and just let music consume you…

Now, the only music are the ones I use instead of coffee so I can get as much work churned out as much as possible.

What happened to those times? Where have they gone?

So I’d like to raise a musical toast to those childhood years, where there was enough time for the beauty of these songs to sink in….

Wishing you were somehow here again -Phantom of the Opera

At 8, this song was the first really heartfelt song I have ever heard. I remember staring memorized at this scene, unable to tear my eyes away. Even though I didn’t understand all the words, the melody was more than enough.

I see you -Leona Lewis

Another phenomenal movie, another phenomenal song. At the end of the movie, when this song came up, I felt tears in my eyes…

Little House – Amanda Seyfried

She really is a double threat. Actress, singer, and model.

Candles- Daughter

My most recent discovery, I swear Daughter’s strums of her guitar speak out to my heartbeats. Whenever I feel stress and anxiety creeping up, this song helps calm those feelings.

So let’s raise a musical toast, to the simple things of a time once gone.



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