What you May Be

You know how every meeting goes, whether it be in the first day of school, or the first time in a club. Every sits down, nervous, yet a smile touching their lips. The group leader or teacher scans over the crowd, before calling for attention and drawing the meeting/class to begin.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to your first club meeting/day of school!”

Silence greets her; everyone’s awkward.

“So…We’ll be spending a lot of our time together, so let’s get to know who we are! Let’s start with you, Yada.”

I look around, hoping there was someone else by the name of Yada. But of course, there was none, and she was pointing directly at me. Why does this always happen? I wonder.

It seems a simple task, introducing yourself. But what do you include? What’s appropriate? Do you want to tell them what you to like to do, a fun fact? Or just your name?

So I usually go with, “Hello, my name is Yada, and I am from Thailand.”  Everyone nods, smiles, and the moment passes. I let my breath out. First initiation, check.

However, if you really think about it, sitting in a crowded classroom or in a circle, you’re all strangers. And when you introduce yourself, that’s what sticks to people’s brain. Okay, Yada, from that exotic place halfway around the world from  the US. That’s what most people think of when I first introduce myself. But there’s so many depths of relationships you can have. To the people that you just met, you’re a name. To your friends, you’re a pick-me-up, but also a pain. To your teachers, you may be that star student or a person with great potential.

Over the last few months, I’ve had the honor to discuss and listen to Noam Chomsky, the son of the former Shah of Iran, Greg Simon, and Steve Kluger, to name a few. While talking to Steve Kluger, the author of “The Last Days of Summer” the topic of his encounter with Julie Andrews, whom he wrote about in one of his books. He said that he was extremely intimidated, and could barely hold up a conversation.  Yet he can be intimidating, as a published author and playwright, especially to aspiring writers such as I. We all have that person we look up to, that person we adore as a god. But that person is a father or mother, a daughter or son.

So one must wonder….What do we mean to others?






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