The next big migration

1.8 million years ago, early humans started the great migration from Africa to China, South and North America, and what is now known as Australia. During World War II, the trickle of Jews from Eastern Europe who had started migrating to the United State turned into a pour. Now, another great migration is happening among the sense of security that characterizes 21st century life. The migration of rural citizens to urban cities.

This migration had seen an influx after the industrial revolution in the late 1800s. During the two global wars, all sides mobilized their forces and drafted from both rural and urban citizens, prompting all to work in factories and hospitals towards the war effort. However, after 1945, when the two major wars had died down, the rural population were left to grow. As many of you may have seen in different newspapers, China is now relocating 250 million farmers and rural populations to major cities.

Even though that is a very logical step when it comes to gaining full employment


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